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ask michelle: Menopause

Hot flushes leave me soaked half the night

Mood swings drop to such a low; that I want to spend the day crying

I’m just so utterly exhausted (Barely any sleep AGAIN last night….)


If one more person says: “She is just menopausal” (I’m going to LOSE it!)

Does this sound like you?

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Please know that you are not alone!

All my patients have been in the same place as where you are RIGHT NOW.

And I want you to know that I can help you with that!

Hello, I’m Michelle Cooke, Hormone and Fertility Naturopath, and it’s my passion to help women like YOU with Menopause gain control and enjoy the simple pleasures of life by empowering you with practical health solutions.

My one-on-one consultations help women with Menopause increase their ability to cope and feel back in CONTROL so that they can live a happy life.

Through my one-on-one consultations, you will:

  • Learn the secrets as to WHY you are feeling out of control
  • INCREASE your chances of feeling like a NORMAL HAPPY person
  • Learn what to EAT to balance your hormones and FEEL LIKE YOU again
  • Discover day-to-day lifestyle and environmental factors that are impacting your hormones
  • Find someone who CARES and LISTENS to YOU

Here’s what you can expect: Before

Curious to know more?

Call 0418 119 777 or click here, after answering any questions you may have about working with me: I will email you some information about the clinic for you to read through.

Ready to dive on in to work with me? Let’s GO!!

You can either BOOK NOW OR  text / call me 0418 119 777.

If you book online you will get an appointment confirmation with a link to a questionnaire that needs to be completed PRIOR to your consultation to allow more face-to-face time and some important information about the clinic.

If you book over the phone or via my contact page. Within 1-2 business days of booking a consultation with me, I’ll send you an email with a questionnaire (that needs to be completed PRIOR your appointment to allow more face-to-face time), my fee schedule, some important information about the clinic and FAQs.

Here’s what you can expect: During

First appointment

  • This is the initial ‘detective’ appointment
  • 60 mins in duration

It is needed to gather all the necessary information about YOU. This includes a discussion about what you have come to see me for,  previous and current medical and health history, physical observations (blood pressure, weight, height, measurements etc.) and I will take a close up picture of your eyes for further clues and health information (known as iridology). We will discuss your first step treatment recommendations to get you started with (e.g. Natural medicines etc.) and overall treatment plan. We will talk about how I can assist you moving forward with your Menopause. Then you will be referred for further tests if required.

Second appointment

  • This is the review of ‘report of findings’ appointment

(Normally 2 weeks approx. after your first appointment or enough time to allow for test results)

  • 45 mins in duration

This is where I will discuss with you what I have discovered about you, have a look over your test results and uncover how we are going to treat what you present with and develop a more defined game plan. A specific tailored treatment program will be developed for YOURS TRULY.

This is when you will receive tips on what to eat, practical lifestyle advice and be armed with specific secret weapons to balance your hormones and assist Menopause (Natural medicines: Herbal medicine, Nutritional medicine, Homoeopathic medicine, Australian bush flower essences where indicated).

There is not enough time and also it is too overwhelming to discuss EVERYTHING, so we just talk about some main findings and other things we can discuss over future appointments that are part of the program.

Other appointments

These appointments are a part of the program.

  • These are ‘check in’ appointments

(Normally every 3-4 weeks approx.)

  • 30 mins in duration

These appointments are important to check in to see how you are going with it all (review your progress), tweak anything that needs changing, keep you on track, discuss anything that needs covering, reveal more tips on what to eat and practical lifestyle advice (if not already covered).

Here’s what you can expect: After

After I have assisted you with your Menopause:

  • I will send you an email with some short quick feedback questions
  • I would greatly appreciate if you could fill out the questions and return to me via email
  • Thanks in ADVANCE ☺

At the end of your Menopause treatment, you will:

  • Be EMPOWERED and SATISFIED with guidance and direction
  • Feel in control, NOT your hormones running your life
  • BE relieved that you have ANSWERS as to why you were feeling out of control month-to-month
You could spend

 Hours (weeks, months or even YEARS!)

going around in circles of frustration, in an attempt to find out what may help improve your Menopause, by yourself. But to be honest; trial and error is the slowest way to RESULTS.


I can help you. I would LOVE to help you

(Hormones are my ‘THANG’ remember!).

IT IS the fastest solution (no, really! It is!). Treatment is specifically tailored to YOU; remember no presentation of a woman suffering with Menopause is exactly the same. Which is explains why what works for YOU doesn’t always work for someone else.

You’ll be fast tracking your way to improving your chances of feeling back in control and YOU again in no time! (And wouldn’t that be great!).

Are You ready?

Awesome! I’m here for YOU and ready when YOU ARE!! LET’S DO THIS!!


To make your appointment please click the Book Now button or feel free to text / call me on 0418 119 777

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I’d love to hear from you!

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