Periods not the same after covid or covid vaccine? Some women are experiencing period and menstrual cycle changes after having covid & covid vaccine. Sound familiar? You are not alone, the research has revealed that some women have irregular periods, heavy periods, period pain has worsened and much more.

In this masterclass: we will discuss what these changes are to periods and the menstrual cycle, why it is happening & what can be done to help support your periods, hormones & menstrual cycles.


  • Changes found with women’s periods after covid or covid vaccine

  • The impact to women’s menstrual cycles after covid or covid vaccine

  • Why periods & menstrual cycles are affected after covid or covid vaccine

  • What you can do to decrease the impact on your periods, hormones & menstrual cycles after covid or covid vaccine

This is for:

  • Women of any age that are experiencing changes with their periods or cycles after having covid or covid vaccine

Walk away with:

  • An understanding of what the observations have been so far with periods & menstrual cycles & why

  • Some simple things in your diet & lifestyle that can be done at home to balance your hormones, periods & menstrual cycles

  • Empowering knowledge which will help to take the right step in the right direction

  • Discover some period, menstrual cycle & hormone MUSTS after having covid or covid vaccine from a Hormone and Fertility health professional; instead of feeling confused with all the contradictory and sometimes incorrect information found on “Dr. Google”

  • A feeling of RELIEF after learning some ANSWERS as to why periods, menstrual cycles & hormones are impacted after covid or covid vaccine

Get some answers and understanding about why it is happening & what can be done about it.

On demand online masterclass: Watch this masterclass at a time that suits you from home

Price: $29 AUD for 90 mins (Limited time at this price)

Refunds: Masterclass purchases are non-refundable


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Hi, my name is Michelle Cooke – Period and Hormone Naturopath, Naturopathic Emotional Release Practitioner and Speaker. I am the Founder and Director of Reproductive Wellness. I help women struggling with their menstrual cycle have easy, pain free periods, balanced hormones & emotional wellbeing so that they can live a normal life they love. I work one-on-one with patients at my clinic to improve their periods, hormones & menstrual cycles using herbal medicine, nutritional medicine, dietary, lifestyle advice & Naturopathic Emotional Release.

At my clinic I specialise in periods and hormones. I help patients with all kinds of period, hormone & menstrual cycle issues: painful periods, heavy periods, light periods, short periods, long periods, missing periods, irregular periods, long or short menstrual cycles, lack of ovulation, exhaustion, low libido, acne, extreme mood changes associated with your cycle either before or during yoru period and support with coming off the pill when acne flares and your periods are a nightmare etc.

I also love to assist with conditions such as: Endometriosis, Fibroids, PCOS, Polycystic ovaries, Adenomyosis, PMS, PMDD, Perimenopause (can be the rocky journey towards menopause), Menopause, Hypothyroidism, Hyperthyroidism, Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, Grave’s Disease, Urinary Tract Issues: Recurrent UTI’s (Urinary Tract Infections) & Vaginal Issues: Vaginal Infections: Thrush, Bacterial Vaginosis, Trichomoniasis. 

I LOVE to talk about periods, hormones and menstrual cycles in masterclasses, workshops and congresses to women from all walks of life including health professionals. I am so passionate about women feeling empowered & in control of their hormones and periods so that they can live a normal life they love.

I work one-to-one with my patients to improve their periods, hormones & menstrual cycles. 

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