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Day-to-day tasks were such a struggle with Endometriosis. I just really wanted to be able to live a normal life and I felt like no-one understood or listened to me. For the first time in my life I don’t need to take pain killers for my period. I have more energy, my mood has improved and I am so happy. Everyone I know says that I look amazing. My marriage has improved because I am much nicer to be around. From the bottom of my heart Michelle, I have to say thank you! I have my life back and it is all thanks to your advice, kind words, support and treatment.

My life before my visit to see Michelle consisted of horrible symptoms: depression, anxiety, stress, extreme tiredness, bloating, a heavy and lengthy period (two weeks long!) and a really long cycle, acne on my back and face, very emotional before my period and the week of my period. I have PCOS. I was a complete train wreck. Now I am happy, content, have more energy, the bloating is gone, I have a 30 day cycle and my bleed is only 6 days and acne gone too! I have such a good quality of life now. I highly recommend Michelle she is such a good naturopath.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Michelle. She is such a lovely and understanding Naturopath. I have told everyone about how good you are! I came to see Michelle with awful symptoms of fibroids. My energy levels have improved, my period is much lighter, I don’t suffer with period pain, I don’t look like I’m pregnant anymore and I can now enjoy sex without suffering in pain. I feel fantastic!

I love coming to see Michelle we always have a good laugh. She is very helpful and knows her stuff. If you are seeking answers and a solution come to see Michelle. Now I feel like I have control and I am able to cope with my period. I don’t get PMS anymore. I used to feel like I was going crazy, I was irritable and bitchy, had horrible mood swings (ask my partner), bad period cramps and my boobs were so sore.

Every day I was completely exhausted. I thought that I was going to be stuck feeling awful forever. I swung between depression and anxiety. I felt like I was doing everything I could but still not losing weight. I found out I had hypothyroid. The most frustrating thing was being told by the doctor that my blood tests were normal. It was like a never ending nightmare. Michelle made me feel completely at ease and now I feel better than ever!!!

I am now able to openly embrace and enjoy this time in my life, which is such a blessing. The symptoms I was suffering with due to menopause seem like a distant memory. No more hot flushes or mood swings! Thanks Michelle.

Before I came to see Michelle, I was going through total boobie hell. I had nipple blisters, vasospasms, low milk supply, reoccurring and acute mastitis. All I really wanted was to be able to breast feed my baby without any issues. Michelle cleared up my mastitis super quick and I didn’t experience it again. She gave me lots of helpful breast feeding tips and support. Breast feeding is so much easier now and not a painful experience. I can’t thank her enough

I stopped taking the pill and tried to conceive but no sign of my period and no pregnancy ☹ I really expected that it would happen a lot easier than that. I had been to see the doctor several times but still not pregnant, he just said to “keep trying”.  Michelle gave me some magic potions and my period returned and my cycle was regular. She also treated my partner Tim too. And the best news is…..I’m pregnant!! I am very happy! Thanks so much for all your help Michelle. Looking forward to our next appointment ☺ yay!

Samantha & Tim

After 4 failed IVF attempts I was at a loss and so devastated. A friend suggested that I go and see Michelle to prepare for the next IVF cycle.  Michelle was so kind, caring and explained everything so well in words that I could understand. She was so thorough and through some testing found some things that weren’t found previously that affected my egg quality and my husband’s sperm which affected our success rates. Michelle was such a great support, there with me all the way through. Now I am holding the baby of my dreams! A beautiful content happy healthy little boy! I still can’t believe it! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Rebecca & John

Michelle is a wonderful practitioner. She is very thorough and compassionate. My husband and I are very grateful for all of Michelle’s efforts in identifying barriers to getting pregnant and overcoming them to have the healthiest conception, pregnancy and post natal journey possible. I’m so overjoyed to say that we have been successful with Michelle’s treatment and are expecting our baby in August!

Amy & Ro

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