For many couples it can be such a bumpy ride when trying to conceive and being faced with constant disappointment. Trying to bounce back and trying to be hopeful once again after a negative pregnancy test can be difficult.


It is very important to employ coping strategies to deal with the roller coaster of emotions that come to play. Finding something to focus on rather than becoming wrapped up in previous failed attempts, fear, apprehension and worry about whether it is ever going to happen or not. Of course, it is only natural to feel this way.


But remembering that stress like this can impact your fertility by delaying or stopping ovulation. Don’t underestimate the power of the mind and emotions. Sometimes we forget that we are more than a physical being. All areas of YOU need addressing when trying to conceive that includes the mental and emotional side as well.


So what are the options? Well, everyone is different and it is often not a ‘one size fits all’ approach. Suggestions could include:


*Talking to a psychologist or counsellor*
(Particularly one that specialises in fertility issues) – often it is nice to discuss things through with someone that is outside your life and surroundings. They can offer a different viewpoint, coping strategies and it is a good feeling getting things off your chest. Especially if there are things that you don’t feel comfortable sharing with those around you.


*Energy healing / balancing*
For some of you, talking to someone doesn’t cut it. You feel like you are going round and round in circles and don’t seem to be moving forward. This is a good one to work through stress, anxiety, emotional blocks, fears, anger, frustration, self doubt etc. that may be preventing conception. As a result you feel more calm, relaxed, able to cope and self empowered. Works on mental, emotional and physical issues.


*Kinesiology / EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)*
This is great to work through any fears, stress, self doubt, anger, frustration, emotional blocks, anxiety that are preventing conception from taking place. Promoting relaxation, calm, self-empowerment and ability to cope with things.


A perfect way to ’empty’ the mind. Generally, there are a lot of thoughts buzzing around regardless if you are trying to conceive or not. As a result we end up more anxious, worried, stressed and it then can impact our sleep arising in insomnia. If we don’t get a good night’s rest then this is another ‘stress’ to our body. And as we know if we are stressed this decreases our chances of conception. This will help us feel more calm, relaxed and positive about things.


*Yoga / Pilates*
These both tend to focus on the here and now. To shift your thinking away from that constant ‘Trying to conceive’ issue. The bead of sweat trickling down your face, your wobbling legs as you move into the poses and of course your breathing. It is a great way to relax, promote a sense of calmness and ease stresses associated with the roller coaster ride.


*Bush Flower Essences*
These essences work on your emotional state. They are perfectly safe and don’t interact with any medications. The Bush Flower Essences do make up generalised combinations available over the counter. However, I think it is best to see your Naturopath who can make up an individualised remedy specific to the emotions that you are feeling. This is a great way to help you cope better, feel calmer, relaxed and help you move past the particular emotions that you are experiencing.


You may choose to try them all and see which one ‘sits well’ with you or perhaps you would just like to pick one or maybe you like the ‘all hands on deck’ approach and feel that a few of the above as a combination would work well for you. There is no such thing as over doing it in my opinion (as long as it doesn’t cause stress); anything to calm down your stress and fears surrounding fertility is a good thing.


I just thought I would share the article below and what this particular couple did to deal with their infertility journey. It just illustrates that there is no right or wrong way to deal with the bumpy ride. Everyone has different coping mechanisms. For this particular couple, it allowed them to have a laugh about it and move on.