Positive Thinking Message Clipped on Green Plant

Stress has a huge impact on our health including those that are trying to conceive. Did you know that stress actually delays ovulation? It virtually a survival mechanism, dating back to Paleolithic Era, known as the ‘fight or flight’ response. So picture this, you are a cave woman and you come face to face with a hungry Sabre toothed tiger. In response to this your body provides you with the drive to run or fight for your life, for the aim of survival. The reproductive system shuts down as having a baby is a lower priority than your actual survival.

So we don’t have a Sabre toothed tiger to worry about today, however we have other stresses that unfortunately are considered to be a substantial stress. And thus, the reproductive system shuts down to protect us from the perceived stress. Arising in infertility. Stress today consists of things like: being in peak hour traffic, financial stress, work pressures and deadlines, moving house, loss of a job, traumatic event, grief associated with loss of a loved one, conflict at home or at work, stress over trying for a baby etc….

The pressures and demands of our life can lead to us feeling overwhelmed, frustrated and stressed. It is important wherever possible to stop in those moments and try to think of something that you do appreciate in your life that is working well or something you are grateful for. It could be something small or big. Or go out and do something that you enjoy. Whatever it may be that changes your frown to a smile.


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