Woman having abdominal pain on sofa.


We have been told for so long, that having period pain is just part and parcel of our menstrual cycle. Most of us consider it to be the ‘norm’. However, this is not actually the case. This is our body’s way of waving a red flag indicating that something is not quite right. It actually points to a hormonal imbalance being present.


Technically, we shouldn’t be experiencing any pain with the menstrual cycle. So what can you do about it? Well, you are best to book in to see a Naturopath (preferably one that specialises in reproductive health) who will look with a fine toothed comb into the reason/s behind your period pain and address contributing factors that are causing it to happen in the first place. Herbal medicine and / or nutritional medicine is then used (along with lifestyle and dietary advice) to correct any imbalances and other contributing factors.