Female model with PMS, with claw hands


Do YOU feel like you turn into the ‘bitch from hell’ either before, during your period or both?


Do you find yourself getting super mad or upset over the smallest things?


Or maybe you feel REALLY MAD but for no particular reason?


Everyone that is around you is the perfect target to take it out on – your partner, sister or brother, mum, dad, friends or anyone that comes in contact with you. So WATCH OUT and BACK OFF!


You feel like you literally want to punch someone.


You are sick and tired of using excuses like….So sorry. It’s not me, it’s my hormones.


The worse thing is……….


You are aware that you are doing it. You dislike that you are doing it. Or perhaps at the time you feel satisfaction from doing it (Oooooo….bitchy ;-)) .






It’s like your mouth has a mind of it’s own. You find yourself almost looking for something to pick on.


Do you feel like this is YOU?


The other day this lady asked me a really great question. So I thought I would share it with you. “Is it normal to turn into a bitch before and during your period?”

And my answer was…..NO.  It is NOT normal at all.


YES of course you are not the only person that goes through this. I know how you feel. Trust me. Before I knew what I now know. I experienced it too. BUT, just because it is common. Doesn’t mean that it is normal.


If you experience this ‘bitch from hell’ transition when you have that time-of-month. It means that you have PMS (or premenstrual syndrome). This is just a fancy word to define your emotional roller coaster ride fueled with HATE. Paired up with any physical symptoms that you have too.


AND more to the point, it simply means that your HORMONES ARE IMBALANCED.


Your hormones need to be in certain proportions in the body to achieve hormone balance. So, oestrogen, progesterone and testosterone (yes! that’s right women do have this too, just in different amounts to our male friends) all need stay at their particular quantities. No more, no less.


Say for example, if you have too much oestrogen in relation to progesterone (this is commonly termed ‘Oestrogen dominance’) this means that you don’t have enough progesterone. This IMBALANCE most certainly can arise in PMS and the rapant rage you experience before and during your period.


BUT, it isn’t always oestrogen and progesterone that are the driving evil forces behind it all!! Too much androgens like testosterone, can arise in PMS too.


OR, perhaps stress is or has been an issue and that most certainly does interfere with our hormone production with an end result of……..HORMONE IMBALANCE.


There can be MANY factors at play that have lead to you turning into a bitchy person before or during your period (Great! Thank you VERY much).


What I am trying to say is; what might be happening to someone else’s hormones isn’t always going to be the same for you. It is not a one size fits all in terms of hormone presentation (it is a one size fits no-one). Everyone is UNIQUE and different.


Furthermore…..There isn’t one herb that will fix PMS. AND there isn’t one herb that will fix hormone imbalance. It’s just not that simple. There IS more to it, than meets the eye!


BUT……Don’t lose hope! There IS a solution. My advice would be to seek out a Naturopath, preferably one that specialises in hormonal chaos (like me 😉 ). So that all the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle can be put together about YOU. And with a bit of detective work, I uncover why you are transitioning from the awesome YOU to the SHEdevil in disguise.


One of the tests I always recommend having is a female salivary sex hormone test. This measures your oestrogen, progesterone and testosterone. It is a test looking at your saliva. It uncovers whether they are playing nicely or not. I find this type of testing A LOT more accurate than a blood test.


Don’t let your hormones rule you!! YOU tell them who’s boss!!


If you are ready, to take the plunge and change things for the better. I would be more than happy to help YOU! You’ve got this!! I’ve got your back.


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