You are probably thinking, what does supporting vagina health have to do with anything! A great deal actually! So let’s discuss it more.

Whether you are trying to conceive or not looking after your vagina health is imperative not only for your fertility but also hormone balance & reproductive health as well.

For those of you that don’t know me, my name is Michelle Cooke, Period & Hormone Naturopath. I am the Founder & Director of Reproductive Wellness, a clinic located in Melbourne. I see patients online & face-to-face. 


Let’s talk about:

-Some reasons why vagina health is important for hormones & fertility

-What you can do to have a healthy vagina, hormone balance & fertility

– What taking care of your vagina health means for your hormones & fertility




Switch to non-toxic pads and tampons:

Non-organic pads and tampons contain a wide array of chemicals. Generally, they use pulp-based and wood pulp products such as rayon which have been bleached with chlorine.

Toxins like:


  • Dioxin (by-product of chlorine bleaching) – they bleach tampons and pads because they are made with wood pulp which is brown in colour so they bleach it to make it white to make the colour of them more attractive

  • Synthetic fibres

  • Phthalates (soft type of plastic)

  • Petrochemicals

  • High risk of being genetically modified cotton (the ones made from cotton)

  • Pesticide residues (cotton is a crop heavily sprayed)

  • Synthetic fragrances

Dioxin levels seem to be the same regardless of whether the sanitary item was made with rayon or 100% cotton.

Sanitary items are classed as medical devices so the ingredients don’t even have to be listed! Shocking isn’t it! There could be other non-disclosed nasties in there too (eww).

Do you really want these near your privates? The vagina (or technically the vulva which is the external part of the vagina) is such a sensitive, delicate, and highly absorbable area which means those toxins travel into the bloodstream at a faster rate.


Health risks:

  • Endometriosis – contributing factor & has an impact on your immune system. Endometriosis is an Autoimmune Condition.

  •  Infertility – It decreases your fecundity (ability to conceive each month)

  • Vaginal bacterial and yeast infections

  • Skin irritation

  • Vaginal itching

  • Immune system dysfunction – toxins and chemicals are unknown to immune system and then it is on high alert

  • Hormonal imbalance – need hormones in balance for emotional, mental & reproductive health along with fertility.

  • Cervical cancer – also other reproductive cancers too

  • Diabetes – due to it being an autoimmune condition too

  • Heavy, painful or irregular periods – I have noticed this with my patients that switch to organic types of pads and tampons they experience less of these issues

  • Reproductive and developmental issues in your unborn child – hormone imbalances occur in yourself and baby to be

What are Endocrine disruptors?

Hormone disruptors or xeno-oestrogens – (xeno means foreign) They are chemicals & toxins such as dioxin, petrochemicals, pesticides and synthetic fragrances pretend to be oestrogen and cause hormonal chaos in the body.

Your body is none the wiser and doesn’t know the difference between whether it is the real deal oestrogen or an imposter. It is almost like a chameleon disguised as oestrogen. It then it interferes with the production of hormones, the release of hormones, the binding of hormones, the action of hormones & elimination of hormones from the body. Elimination is important to get rid of excess oestrogen via doing a poo daily. So this is a huge issue.

You could either end up with oestrogen dominance (too much) or lack of oestrogen (which was discovered in research). We need a healthy balance between oestrogen and progesterone.

Remember rising oestrogen levels is what happens in the lead up to ovulation. Oestrogen is required for development and maturation of the dominant follicle that is the chosen one for ovulation. We also need it for healthy endometrial lining which is a nice cozy blanket for the egg to implant into. The toxins impact all this.

Dioxin has been shown to:

  • Reduce the number of follicles via apoptosis or cell death – can kill off some of your follicles

  • Number of oocytes or eggs ovulated

  • Whether your baby to be is healthy or not – influencing development and reproductive health

Dioxins have been the leading cause of reproductive diseases and a contributing factor to Endometriosis.

They have found in research that dioxins seem to increase the incidence and severity of endometriosis

What should I switch to?

These are free from toxins, chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides etc.

Non-toxic disposal pads and tampons: TOM organic, Natracare Organic, Bamboo babes (organic bamboo, biodegradable & compostable), Tsuno Bamboo pads & Organic Cotton Tampons (biodegradable wrapping)

Non-toxic cloth pads: Organic Hannah pads, Juju Organic pads

Non-toxic menstrual / period cups: Diva, Organicup, TOM organic, Juju, Lunette, Pelvi. These are made from medical grade silicone.

Period Undies: TOM organic, ModiBodi Organic, Juju, Bonds Bloody Comfy. I would recommend the first two particularly because they are made with organic cotton.

Considering a woman uses approximately 12,000 tampons in her lifetime. It is good from an environmental aspect to use the last 3 options as well.

For the sake of your hormone health, your baby to be’s hormone health & your fertility please make the switch.

Thank you so much for watching, see you next week for the next video 🙂

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