Reproductive Therapy



Please arrive to your appointment ahead of your scheduled time to ensure that you make the most of your consultation. In the best interest of all other patients, your consultation will conclude at the scheduled time.

Skype / Phone Consultations

Skype and phone consultations are also available. It is an industry requirement to have the first consultation face-to-face in the clinic and then skype or phone follow up consultations can be performed. Your Herbal and / or Nutritional medicine will be posted out to you. Please call Michelle for more information on a consultation of this nature.

Cancellation & Missed Consultation Procedure

If you have to cancel or reschedule your consultation, 24 hours notice prior to your allocated consultation time is a requirement with the exception of a true emergency. Please let us know via phone or email if this is the case.

This procedure is put in place in consideration of both the practitioner and other patients who are in need of the soonest possible consultation time. The 24 hours notice will ensure that patients on the waiting list can be contacted and offered this allocated appointment time.

If the conditions outlined in this procedure are not met and either inadequate notice (less than 24 hours) is given to cancel or reschedule your appointment, or you simply miss your appointment 100% of the consultation fee will be charged.

Methods of Payment Accepted

At the clinic we accept both EFTPOS and credit card payments (MasterCard, VISA) however we do not accept American Express. Sorry for any inconvenience caused but we do not accept cash payments.