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Working with me


Note: The time frames listed below are for an individual not for a couple.

  • If you are both coming to see me, you need to book: ‘Couples Fertility Consult 120 mins’ which is 120 mins in duration (I will spend 60 mins each person).
  • If you and your partner aren’t able to attend a consultation together at the same time just book: ‘Individual Fertility Consult 60 mins’ for each of you at your desired time.
  • If you are coming to see me as an individual you need to book: ‘Individual Fertility Consult 60 mins’
Here’s what you can expect

During our time together


First Appointment

  • This is the initial ‘detective’ appointment
  • 60 mins in duration

It is needed to gather all the necessary information about YOU. This includes a discussion about what you have come to see me for (your fertility),  previous and current medical and health history, physical observations (blood pressure, weight, height, measurements etc.) and I will take a close up picture of your eyes for further clues and health information (known as iridology).

 We will discuss your first step treatment recommendations to get you started with (e.g. natural medicines, charting your cycle education etc.) and overall treatment plan. We will talk about how I can assist you moving forward to help with your fertility. Then you will be referred for further tests if required.

Second Appointment

  • This is the review of ‘report of findings’ appointment
  • Normally 2 weeks approx. after your first appointment or enough time to allow for test results
  • 45 mins in duration

This is where I will discuss with you what I have discovered about you, have a look over your test results and uncover how we are going to treat what you present with and develop more of a defined game plan. A specific tailored treatment program will be developed for YOURS TRULY. 

This is when you will receive tips on what to eat, practical lifestyle advice and be armed with specific secret weapons to increase your fertility (Natural medicines: Herbal medicine, Nutritional medicine, Homoeopathic medicine, Australian bush flower essences where indicated). 

There is not enough time and also it is too overwhelming to discuss EVERYTHING, so we just talk about some main findings and other things we can discuss over future appointments that are part of the program.


Other Appointments

  • These appointments are a part of the program.
  • These are ‘check in’ appointments
  • Normally every 3-4 weeks approx.
  • 30 mins in duration

These appointments  are important to check in to see how you are going with it all (review your progress), tweak anything that needs changing, keep you on track, discuss anything that needs covering, reveal more tips on what to eat and practical lifestyle advice (if not already covered).

Here’s what you can expect



At the end of your fertility treatment you will:

  • Be EMPOWERED and SATISFIED with guidance and direction
  • Feel in control, NOT your hormones running your life
  • BE relieved that you have ANSWERS as to why you were struggling to conceive

I'd love your feedback

After I have assisted you with your fertility:

  • I will send you an email with some short quick feedback questions
  • I would greatly appreciate if you could fill out the questions and return to me via email
  • Thanks in ADVANCE ☺
You could spend hours

(weeks, months or even YEARS!)

going around in circles of frustration, in an attempt to find out what may help improve your fertility, by yourself. But to be honest; trial and error is the slowest way to RESULTS.

OR I can help you!

I would LOVE to help you (Fertility and Hormones are my ‘THANG’ remember!).

IT IS the fastest solution (no, really! It is!). Treatment is specifically tailored to YOU; remember no presentation of a woman struggling to conceive is the same. Which is explains why what works for YOU doesn’t always work for someone else.   

You’ll be fast tracking your way to improving your chances of falling pregnant in no time! (And wouldn’t that be great!).

You ready? Awesome!

I’m here for YOU and ready when YOU ARE!! LET’S DO THIS!!

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here are some of my most

 Frequently asked Questions

I’m not sure if you can help me?
You are in the right place if:

You would like to improve your chances of falling pregnant

You have been trying to get pregnant and are constantly disappointed with seeing another negative pregnancy test. You would love to find out the obstacles that are preventing you from conceiving and how to fix them.

You are thinking about coming off the pill to prepare for attempts to conceive

And you feel like you need some support and assistance on what to do next, how it can be done in the smoothest possible way without side effects and what you need to do to establish hormone balance and improve your fertility so you can conceive.

You are already off the pill but still not pregnant

You have been trying to conceive since coming off the pill but you are still not pregnant and are not sure WHY.

You would like to prepare for a baby

You haven’t been trying yet but would like to be as healthy as possible before trying to get pregnant. This is known as preconception health care it is all about getting you as healthy as can be to be able to have your baby (for conception to arise), support healthy DNA and ensure your bub is healthy and happy as a result, support a healthy pregnancy and labour. Preparation is key to increase the chances of getting pregnant AND having a breezy experience right the way through.

You have done some IVF cycles but they have been unsuccessful

You have gone through the heartache of having an IVF cycle (or several) that have come up unsuccessful and you would really love to have a baby. (F.Y.I Doing a preconception program prior to your next IVF cycle more than doubles your IVF success rate)

You are about to undergo an IVF cycle and would like to improve your chances

You are just about to do an IVF cycle and would like to get some support with natural medicines to improve your chances of having a successful cycle and improve the quality of your eggs.

Or you have the following or need support with:

  • Hormone imbalance (issues with your period – too long, too short, infrequent, period non-existent, heavy flow, light flow, pain, clots etc.)
  • PMS
  • Fibroids
  • Endometriosis
  • PCOS (Polycystic ovarian syndrome)
  • PCO (Polycystic ovaries)
  • IVF / ART support
  • Preconception (preparing for conception and pregnancy)
  • Pregnancy
  • Postnatal support
  • Thyroid imbalance (Hypothyroid,
  • Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis)
  • Peri-menopause
  • Menopause

You are definitely in the right place

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Let’s get started!

How long will my treatment take?
This one is a little hard to answer as everyone is different; it depends what reasons we find that explain why conception has not occurred. It is never usually ONE reason. It is MANY reasons. Obviously, if you have multiple things going on it will take a little longer.

Generally speaking though; the first step of improving your fertility and getting you in the best health to be able to conceive and have a healthy baby is generally ONLY 16 weeks in duration. A mere 120 days to get you baby ready. It is this timeframe because it takes up to 120 days for eggs to mature and about 72-76 days for sperm to mature.

Remember ROME wasn’t built in a day! Be realistic of your expectations and take into consideration how long you have been trying to conceive without success for. There is no quick fix. BUT, in saying that…treatment time will generally be A LOT shorter than the duration you have been trying to conceive for AND it is MUCH QUICKER than trying to find out through DOCTOR GOOGLE what to do to improve your chances.

When you come to see me, I can give you some sort of guidance as to what sort of (rough) time frame you will be looking at.

Can you guarantee that I will conceive?
Unfortunately not; I can’t guarantee that you will end up conceiving for sure.
BUT in saying that success rates at my clinic are high. I use a method based on the foresight study which has an 81% success rate (based on couples).

My success rate may even be higher than this figure; because I use those methods PLUS investigation into why conception is not happening for you as an individual and I address that too. You are investigated with a fine toothed comb to discover why you are not currently conceiving.

If you really want to increase your chances it is best that BOTH you and your man get treated together. It does take ‘two to tango’ and more often than not it is NOT just you that has health issues preventing conception. Remember the sperm is so much smaller than your egg and more vulnerable to toxins and damage which impacts fertility.

If at all possible; if you can both get treated together it will increase your success rate by double AND it will also double the chances of a healthy pregnancy, birth and baby because of such healthy sperm and eggs. This is a good opportunity for the man to be involved right from the very beginning and good practice of teamwork before the bub arrives.

Of course you can come on your own; it is still of benefit to do this. But just keep in mind that it decreases your success rate by 50% (the man provides 50% of the DNA of your baby to be).

The closer that you stick to my recommendations (lifestyle / dietary advice, taking the natural medicines provided as directed); the higher the success rate.

I’m single and I would like to conceive can I still come to see you?
YES! You certainly can! I would love to support you and your health so that you increase your success rates of conception when it comes time to using a sperm donor. In some cases (where possible) we have also treated the sperm donor. Sometimes this isn’t always possible, but if it is doable that is also highly beneficial.
First I would recommend boosting your fertility with 120 days preconception treatment (using natural medicine, lifestyle and dietary advice); by making your eggs and sperm (if we have the opportunity to treat the sperm donor too) healthy and the best possible quality. Remember that this improves your IVF success rate by more than double!!
I can then further improve your IVF outcomes by providing you with nutritional medicine during your treatment.
Obviously; if you are already booked in for IVF I can support you through that to increase your outcome. But just keep in mind that doing preconception prior to IVF is more successful.
If I am older will I successfully conceive?
As I mentioned earlier; I can’t guarantee that you will conceive. However: lots of factors are addressed to give you the best possible chance.

Obviously if you are in your 40’s you do have to be realistic about your age and the time that you are willing to offer in order to boost your fertility. Obviously the longer the time you have to offer the better. But I know in some cases, time is of the essence so in that instance we work with what we have.

I can assist you in contributing towards better quality eggs and sperm (if your man comes along); reduce your risk of miscarriage and foetal abnormalities. I have seen a number of older patients and have been able to assist them with falling pregnant.

IVF has been unsuccessful so far, can you help me?
YES! I can! I have helped women through their IVF cycle to support them and increase their chance of a successful cycle.

The best thing you can do prior to your next IVF cycle would be to invest 120 days into preconception treatment. This will increase the quality of your eggs and sperm (if your man comes along) and more than double your IVF success rate.

This is such a small amount of time to invest: to increase your chances of a successful IVF cycle!!

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